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Fuck You, It’s January! (2017)

Happy New Year, folks. It’s that magical time of year, once again, where Hollywood studios release films too HOT for the previous holiday season! Let us all give thanks for Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovovich still being employed. From the good folks at Red Letter Media… …. FUCK YOU, IT’S JANUARY.  — TRB

America’s Reckoning: The Rise of Nativist Populism

My review of Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2007 magnum opus, There Will Be Blood, interpreted that film’s thematic premise as the conquering of American social, religious conservatism by American fiscal conservatism and the American financial elite. At the risk of spoiling a fantastic film, Daniel Day-Lewis’ protagonist, Daniel Plainview, a wealthy oil baron depicted as one … Continue reading

In Praise of Social Media

While I try to skew most of my posts toward film criticism or filmmaking analysis given that Express Elevator to Hell is first and foremost a movie-blog, today I’d like to do something a little different. Today, I present a positive, warmhearted appreciation for the abstract conglomeration and digital concept that is social media. I … Continue reading

‘The Onion’ predicts inevitable Gay Marriage Oscar-Bait…

http://www.theonion.com/article/scalia-thomas-roberts-alito-suddenly-realize-they–32972 The Onion nails it yet again. A brief excerpt: “Oh, God, the major social ramifications, the political intrigue, all the important people involved in the case—I’m going to be played by some sinister character actor in a drama with tons of award buzz, aren’t I?” said Scalia, joining his fellow dissenting justices in realizing … Continue reading

I watched ‘Terminator: Genisys’ trailer and I got sad, then I watched ‘Mad Max’s trailer and I got really, really happy…

This is a random, kneejerk-reaction post, so I’ll try to be brief. The other day, I decided for some masochistic reason to rewatch the original trailer for the upcoming remake/sequel/reboot/prequel, Terminator: Genisys (Q3, 2015). Here it is: My reaction to it the second time was roughly the same I had when I first watched the … Continue reading

Top 5 Working Hip Hop Artists (circa 2015)

Many music fans lament the supposedly abhorrent state of modern music, as if the 2000-2010’s pop music environment is suddenly much worse than decades’ past, as if they’re insinuating that mainstream pop music being bad is for some reason a modern phenomenon. Don’t get me wrong, I hate most of “today’s top hits” playing at … Continue reading

Richard Linklater’s Boyhood: A Masterpiece of Flawlessness that Took 12 Years to Make

Red Letter Media’s Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman summed up how I feel about Boyhood (2014) and all its much ballyhooed critical praise, including its recent six (6) Academy Award nominations: Also, did you know that it took twelve (12!) years to make? Because, like, nothing else in cinema has ever been shot over multiple … Continue reading

Reality Check: 2015 Oscar Nominations-Freakout Time

Every year around late January to early February when the Academy Award nominations are announced, tons of people waste plenty of energy whining and bitching about what films got picked and which didn’t. The complaints often go something like this: ‘Whaa, whaa, Whaaaaa, my favorite movie/actor/director/whomever/whatever didn’t get nominated! Whaaa, it’s almost like the Academy … Continue reading

Fuck you, it’s January!

As we begin our slog through the new year with what is widely acknowledged to be the worst month of the entire calendar, both in terms of movie-releases, general weather, and overall mood, it’s time to appreciate just how fucking ridiculous the year 2014 really was. It’s also time for my longtime heroes at Red Letter … Continue reading

Je Suis Charlie: Some men just want to watch the world burn…

In light of the most recent attacks on French cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo for what was most likely “retaliation” for parodies of religious figures throughout the years, I decided to write one last post summarizing my thoughts on this sort of violence against artistic expression and free speech. The matter of whether or not we … Continue reading