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Where You Belong & the Folly of Regret

As my life has evolved since I started Express Elevator to Hell (EEH) almost 10 years ago, so has my analytical study of my favorite extracurricular passion, cinephilia. I have long used film studies to counterbalance my professional scientific career and give perspective to my personal life. That is one thing that has not changed … Continue reading

Things You Like that I Don’t, Volume 5

If you’ve read these types of miniature rants, these vindictive essays before, you know the drill: Enjoy or scoff at a handful more things that you (yes, you… or someone you know!) probably like, but I, well, do not. Amusement & Theme Parks = Given the geographic isolation of my hometown and my rampant cinephilia, … Continue reading

Things You Like that I Don’t, Volume 4

Welcome back, friends, readers, haters, and passersby for another contrarian rant on popular culture trends I avoid or otherwise can’t stand. These (sometimes) short and (always) sweet essays, titled Things You Like that I Don’t (TYLID), are an ongoing, if infrequent staple of this site, similar to my videogame and music reviews. They’re nice “side … Continue reading

Things You Like that I Don’t, Volume 3

These days of COVID-19 have left me strangely more optimistic than I suspect the majority of the human population feels. My childhood was an anxiety-stricken mess, while my adolescence and young adulthood were a culmination of all my social insecurities spiraling into severe depression. Thus, having overcome most of those manchild problems and screwed my … Continue reading

My COVID-19 Watch-List

Greetings, pandemic survivors! For those of you sheltering in place, self-quarantining, or otherwise distancing yourself from physical human contact, now is the time to embrace your inner couch potato, whether you’ve been laid off or are fortunate enough to work from home. Cinephilia is a useful hobby passion during times like these, so for those … Continue reading

Things You Like that I Don’t, Volume 2

Do you remember how I said I like to maintain a fine sense of balance in my life, a tightrope dynamic between sardonic, black cynicism and romantic, laid back, go-with-the-flow optimism? Well, in case you forgot my emotional bipolarity, here’s another dose of the former that hearkens back to the dark, sacred (… not that … Continue reading

In Praise of Writing

I spend much time on this blog singing the praises of visual storytelling, often at the expense of literary storytelling or the medium of literature in general. The great irony of those blunt, snarky remarks is that most blogging, including Express Elevator to Hell, is writing-dominated; most people I know think of blogging as a … Continue reading

Things You Like that I Don’t

This site has changed a great deal since I started it about six years ago. As I’ve acknowledged several times this past year alone, I was a much different, much angrier young man with a myriad of amusing, almost classical adolescent grievances, all of which culminated in more vitriolic rants than I knew what to … Continue reading

What Have We Learned? A Psychoanalytic Blog-Retrospective

For those who don’t know, this blog was conceived during a period of great stress and unhappiness in my life, a period from which I have thankfully escaped since Express Elevator to Hell’s “debut” in January, 2013. I have touched on these circumstances in blog posts and pages here and there, some of which remain … Continue reading

The Great American Stereotypes

Given how my occasional tangents into politics are often dark and brooding, I’m going to discuss something more positive and upbeat today, all while still taking underhanded jabs at people I don’t know and offending most viewers. Then again, today’s topic isn’t so much “political” as it is demographic or cultural. Given how much of … Continue reading