Things You Like That I Don’t

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Things You Like that I Don’t, Volume 5

If you’ve read these types of miniature rants, these vindictive essays before, you know the drill: Enjoy or scoff at a handful more things that you (yes, you… or someone you know!) probably like, but I, well, do not. Amusement & Theme Parks = Given the geographic isolation of my hometown and my rampant cinephilia, … Continue reading

Things You Like that I Don’t, Volume 4

Welcome back, friends, readers, haters, and passersby for another contrarian rant on popular culture trends I avoid or otherwise can’t stand. These (sometimes) short and (always) sweet essays, titled Things You Like that I Don’t (TYLID), are an ongoing, if infrequent staple of this site, similar to my videogame and music reviews. They’re nice “side … Continue reading

Things You Like that I Don’t, Volume 3

These days of COVID-19 have left me strangely more optimistic than I suspect the majority of the human population feels. My childhood was an anxiety-stricken mess, while my adolescence and young adulthood were a culmination of all my social insecurities spiraling into severe depression. Thus, having overcome most of those manchild problems and screwed my … Continue reading

Things You Like that I Don’t, Volume 2

Do you remember how I said I like to maintain a fine sense of balance in my life, a tightrope dynamic between sardonic, black cynicism and romantic, laid back, go-with-the-flow optimism? Well, in case you forgot my emotional bipolarity, here’s another dose of the former that hearkens back to the dark, sacred (… not that … Continue reading

Things You Like that I Don’t

This site has changed a great deal since I started it about six years ago. As I’ve acknowledged several times this past year alone, I was a much different, much angrier young man with a myriad of amusing, almost classical adolescent grievances, all of which culminated in more vitriolic rants than I knew what to … Continue reading